One To Rule Them All: On Merging Notes In Evernote And How To Go About It

Working with Evernote is as easy as it gets. Not only as far as collecting notes goes, but also creating web clippings using Web Clipper, or having posts from social media saved automatically via IFTTT (examples on my blog here). Apart from jotting down your observations from conferences or training courses, you can also make photo documentation of them, as shown during the training at iCON Prague 2015. Then, there is information organisation, namely tagging notes and stacking them in respective notebooks. But what is even more, it is possible to merge related notes into a single one. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Select notes

Find the notes you want to merge together. Got them? Excellent. Now, select them in order in which you want them to follow one after another. If you want to arrange their order yourself, hold down the CTRL key (or CMD for OS X) and select the notes successively. If you want them to follow in the original order, select the first note, hold down the SHIFT key, and then select the last one.

Click on the “Merge” button

Once you’ve finished selecting notes, all that’s left to do is click on the “Merge” button that will pop up on the right. See? Piece of cake.

Sloučení poznámek v Evernote


So, what happens to your notes now? The selected notes merge into one. This note keeps the name of the one which was selected first. Naturally, you can change it to whatever you want. Individual sections in this new note are marked with the original names of the notes highlighted in grey boxes.

Sloučené poznámky v Evernote

Not to worry, though. You won’t lose your original notes. They will be automatically moved to trash, but you can restore them at any time.

Obnovení sloučených poznámek v Evernote

Practical application

Personally, I use this when I take part in training courses and make different notes for different sections. It also comes in handy when I collect and write down ideas for a conference talk over a period of 2-3 weeks. The ideas keep popping up and I want to have them in one place or, better yet, in one note. Nevertheless, the possibilities are endless and each of us will undoubtedly find their own way to make use of it.

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Daniel is a lecturer, trainer and consultant for self-organisation. Also a globetrotter, sportsman, and lover of people, coffee and nature. He is the founder of LifeNotes which brings Evernote users from the Czech Republic and Slovakia together. As a freelance entrepreneur, Daniel holds training sessions on self-organisation, GTD and mind maps. In his training, he focuses on the progress his trainees make, not just handing on information. More than 1000 participants took part in his training – CEOs, managers, businessmen, consultants, assistants and entrepreneurs. Daniel comes from Ostrava, but most of the time he’s on the move across his homeland or abroad. When he’s not in charge of some educational or development project, he writes articles and books, or just wanders around the globe.
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