Marxico – The Ideal Markdown Editor For Evernote

Over the last couple of month I’d taken to preparing all kinds of documents in WriteMonkey – a Markdown editor with a simple, yet effective interface that won’t disrupt your flow – and I quite liked it. But then as I was going through various products the other day, I came across Marxico and immediately took a liking to it.  You can install it via Chrome App Store and then use it offline on your computer. And what is it exactly? As the title of this article suggests, it is a Markdown editor that allows you to easily transfer the texts you composed to Evernote. Marxico is a thing of beauty, simplicity and comfort combined, but most importantly, it might  be the very thing Evernote, as a not altogether ideal text editor, lacks.

What Is Markdown Anyway?

Alright then, but only briefly for those who have never heard of it before. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that can be easily converted to HTML. It allows you to add formatting to text (bold, italics, headers, hyperlinks, …) using plain-text formatting syntax. You’ll appreciate it especially if you want your text nicely formatted (like your new blog post, for instance) without having to deal with HTML. Just a few minutes of getting hands-on experience with its basic syntax and you can enjoy styling texts to your heart’s content. If you feel like reading up on Markdown, you can always turn to the fount of all wisdom, Google (or just go to Wikipedia straight away).

What Does Marxico Offer?

Evernote users in particular will appreciate that it provides a very simple interconnection of the two apps. It allows you to transfer your text from Marxico into a specific notebook with specific tags in Evernote, which can be done either manually or automatically (at regular intervals). So basically, you don’t have to worry about anything – it does all the heavy lifting for you. Once a note is transferred to Evernote, the Markdown syntax is removed and only the formatted text is visible.

Marxico - markdown editor pro Evernote

What is more, you can easily get back to editing your note directly in Marxico by clicking on a red ribbon button that will appear in Evernote – in the note itself, to be specific. Once you’re finished editing your text, you can of course export it to HTML or PDF, which is a common feature of similar apps. After exporting it to HTML, all that’s left to do is upload it, for instance, as an article on LifeNotes – which is the case here.

A Word Of Advice For New Users

In case you’re not familiar with Markdown, research it a bit (you might quickly take liking to it just as I have). While you’re at it, install Marxico so that you can try working with it right away. It’s highly addictive and it makes writing articles fun – I certainly enjoyed writing this one.

As always, we’ll very much appreciate if you let us know whether you like the app or use it at all.

Marxico – The Ideal Markdown Editor For Evernote
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