How To Save Emails To Evernote As A Free User

There have been many changes that came with new Evernote versions regarding features for free users. One of the major cuts was the possibility to send emails to a special Evernote address, which allowed you to save them as notes in Evernote whenever you wanted to, from whatever device you wanted to.

No wonder a vivid debate broke out – after all, this feature is used quite a lot. Personally, I think the simplest way to access it is to get the Plus version for €2.99 a month (or €19.99 a year). Not only do you support the authors of the app this way, but you can also benefit from other amazing features. Nevertheless, those who prefer using Evernote for free will have to learn a few magic tricks – an IFTTT setting, to be precise.

In case you are not familiar with IFTTT, or don’t know how to work with it, take a look at this article on my blog (with many more tips on how to use it). I also wrote an elaborate tutorial on how to use it to efficiently save both time and money on

So, what’s the drill? Sing in (or sign up) to IFTTT, activate two channels – Email and Evernote – and connect them in a new recipe. Here’s what it looks like step by step:

  • Step 1+2: Select the Email trigger channel and choose Send IFTTT an email tagged.
  • Step 3: You can set any Tag you want. It is what you’ll put in the subject of the e-mail in order to clearly define that the e-mail belongs to Evernote (for example, #EN).
  • Step 4+5: Choose Evernote as the Action channel and then Create a note.
  • Step 6: I recommend changing only the Notebook your e-mails will be sent to, and leave the rest as it is.
  • Step 7: Simply activate the recipe (or you can also add a description of the recipe so that you’ll be able to recognise it in the future).

Email do Evernote s IFTTT

Congratulations! You have just completed the IFTTT setting.

All you have to do now is create a new contact in your e-mail (you can name it Evernote IFTTT, for instance) with “” for the e-mail address. Once you want to turn an e-mail into a note, add a blank space and your Tag at the end of the subject, and then send it from any device to that e-mail address.

Email do Evernote s IFTTT a Gmail

Apart from this IFTTT setting, there are several other ways to save an e-mail to Evernote – Evernote Web Clipper (only on desktop and with Gmail), an automatically installed Microsoft Outlook extension, the EverMail app (works with the OS X app Mail for desktop), or a specialised mobile client (Boxer, CloudMagic, …). However, none of them is as generally applicable as the IFTTT option, which works with every device, app or e-mail service you use.

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