How To Keep Track Of Gifts With Evernote

This article is an excerpt from The Power of Evernote: How to Live a Paperless Life, which is yet to be published in 2015.

There are quite a few occasions over the year when we feel like giving a little something to someone who is dear to us – be it Christmas, a birthday or a day just like any other. It can be pretty difficult to suddenly recall that thing from six months ago that your significant other was so excited about. Not to worry, though, there’s an easy solution: let Evernote and its memory of an elephant take care of it.

How To Note Them Down

It’s a habit of mine to jot down suggestions for gifts that would please my clients, friends or family over the year. It might be something mentioned in a conversation or something I think of myself while working with them. It is all stored in my “.INBOX Personal” notebook where I keep all my thoughts, ideas and articles regarding my private life. I’m not particularly concerned with the structure of my gift observations, but I often do add a note about different alternatives or why the respective person is interested in that particular thing.

I mostly use mobile devices to record my flashes of inspiration. Tablets or mobile phones with Android pair nicely with the additional Evernote Widget app, which allows me to write down anything I need in short order. There is a similar widget on iOS devices that is available automatically right after installing Evernote. This makes the whole business of gift noting a matter of seconds.

Evernote Widget Evernote Widget iOS

How To Store Them Efficiently

When I sort out what I put down in the default notebook (once or twice a week), I separate the original notes with gifts into my special “P Gifts” notebook. Every person who’s important to me has their own note where I rewrite (or copy and paste) current ideas. I also assign them tags with names of respective people (“@Daniel Gamrot”) and a “gift” tag, which considerably speeds up searching for particular gifts in this extensive system.

Evernote dárky

And Then Look Them Up Again

Looking up the gifts when I need them doesn’t take much time. I always do it using queries based on tags, such as tag:“@Daniel Gamrot” tag:gift, which spits out a single note with gifts for that particular person. All I have to do then is choose from the suggestions I gathered over the year.

Evernote hledání dárků

This way of storing and looking up your notes is very simple, yet effective, as it saves a lot of time and energy. The ideas are at hand in your mobile phone or computer whenever you need them.

What about you? Do you keep track of potential gifts in a different way? Share it with us!

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Daniel is a lecturer, trainer and consultant for self-organisation. Also a globetrotter, sportsman, and lover of people, coffee and nature. He is the founder of LifeNotes which brings Evernote users from the Czech Republic and Slovakia together. As a freelance entrepreneur, Daniel holds training sessions on self-organisation, GTD and mind maps. In his training, he focuses on the progress his trainees make, not just handing on information. More than 1000 participants took part in his training – CEOs, managers, businessmen, consultants, assistants and entrepreneurs. Daniel comes from Ostrava, but most of the time he’s on the move across his homeland or abroad. When he’s not in charge of some educational or development project, he writes articles and books, or just wanders around the globe.
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