Evernote Presentation Mode: A Neat Way To Present Your Ideas

In the previous article, I mentioned several Evernote Premium (and Business) features. You can find one of the latest and incredibly useful improvements among them – Presentation Mode.  Let’s have a look at the basic options it provides.

Why Use This Feature?

Presentation Mode is a premium extension (free users can get a 30-day free trial) and a rather visually appealing way to present your notes. Personally, I use it in two types of situation. First, I use it to prepare the groundwork for my talk and a PowerPoint presentation would be a bit of an overkill (at the moment, for instance, I’m preparing a presentation for a day-long LifeNotes training on Evernote). Second, it comes in handy when we are introducing Evernote to a company and I want to lay the groundwork for my client. Presentation Mode is a much-appreciated tool because it saves time transferring notes to PowerPoint, and so my only job is to highlight certain presentation slides directly in Evernote.


There are two major reasons I like using this mode: its simplicity and low time consumption. Evernote doesn’t need you to do anything other than to make the notes you want to use as the groundwork for the presentation. You can also insert pictures and hypertext links for webpages or other notes, much like in PowerPoint or Keynote. The most important thing is, however, that there seriously isn’t much left for you to do.

Once you have your note ready, you can divide it into slides. This again is a matter of a few seconds in this newly edited mode. Start the presentation, click the layout editor button on the right and add the line breaks. There. It’s all set.

Prezentační mód v Evernote

Handeling The Presentation

You can start your presentation simply by clicking the presentation mode button at the top of the note. Or, if you want to present it on a secondary monitor, go to Note > Present on Another Screen. The feature also allows you to switch between day and night modes, which comes in handy in very dark (or bright) surroundings, and to choose a colour of the laser pointer. You can navigate through the presentation by either switching through the slides or scrolling down the note (in case you have a longish text). Personally, I divide the note into separate screens in Presentation Mode and then use a presentation remote to navigate through it. It works like a charm.

Prezentační mód v Evernote


As I mentioned above, it is possible to use pictures and hypertext links for webpages or other notes in your presentation. You can use the whole database of information you have in Evernote. Once you click to follow a note link in your presentation, you can easily return to the original note by clicking on the arrow on the left (or using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + [ on Mac).

Prezentační mód v Evernote

Room For Improvement

I consider Presentation Mode to be a very simple and rather practical tool – and there’s no way I’d want its features to massively expand. However, I’d appreciate the option to export this note to PPT or PDF with the same line breaks from the presentation. Why? Because it’s always a good idea to have a backup at hand in PDF in case the equipment fails.

Addition based on a comment of Karel Borovička: Export to PDF is possible in OS X: right-click and then the option “Export Presentation as PDF.” Many thanks for the comment!

This trifle hasn’t yet had a negative impact on my work with Presentation Mode whatsoever. Another enthusiast for this tool is, for example,  Filip Dřímalka whose recent and very positive tweet speaks for itself.

“This is the first time I’ve used Evernote to prepare a presentation for a webinar. And it is brilliant! At 8pm today live on webinar.know-how-klub.cz J

 Reakce Filipa Dřímalky na prezentační mód v Evernote

What is your experience with Evernote Presentation Mode? Are you using it?

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