Evernote Food Taken Off The Menu

Yesterday, Evernote announced the long-expected discontinuation of support for Evernote Food. In 4 years of its existence, this app has won affections of many occasional and die-hard cooks who have used it to look up and collect all kinds of recipes.

The official termination date is 30 September 2015. From the following day onwards, users won’t be able to download the app nor sync its content with the Evernote servers.

Evernote Food aplikace

To be honest, I found Evernote Food a bit redundant ever since the company had fine-tuned the Evernote Web Clipper which I’ve been using to keep recipes from all kinds of servers. You can read about it in As Easy As Apple Pie: On Keeping Recipes with Evernote, a rather popular article published at the beginning of the year. Milan Třešňák, on the other hand, has been very fond of the app, which he briefly describes in his eponymous article Evernote Food on the LifeNotes blog.

Will you miss Evernote Food? Or is this possibly the first time you’ve heard of it?

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