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Have you ever come across the brilliant Sunrise Calendar app (I mentioned it my last article on useful iOS apps) and become intrigued by the possibility of syncing your Evernote reminders to your calendar? If you for whatever reason didn’t stick with Sunrise Calendar, I’ve good news for you. You can have your reminders incorporated to any of the most used calendar services – Google, iCloud, Exchange or You now have the perfect opportunity to take Evernote integration one step further. And what does it offer?

  • You will see Evernote reminders with the time and date in your calendar.
  • You can change the time and date of your reminder by changing the event in the calendar.
  • You can change the name of the reminder by changing the name of the event.
  • You can remove the reminder by deleting the event in the calendar (which doesn’t delete the note itself).

Use Evernote Calendar Connector to connect the two apps – it uses Cronofy, an API that works with the services mentioned above.

Calendar Connector Evernote - titulek

How To Connect Your Calendar With Evernote

Go to Evernote Calendar Connector where you’ll see 1. Connect your calendar. Click on Create connection.

Calendar Connector Evernote - připojení

It will take you to the page where you can select the calendar service you use – as I mentioned above, you can choose from Google, iCloud, or Exchange. Click on the service you want your Evernote reminders to be synced with to connect them, and follow through.

Calendar Connector Evernote - služby

The next step is to connect your Evernote account. Similarly, click on Create connection in 2. Connect with Evernote.

Calendar Connector Evernote - připojení Evernote

All that’s left to do is select the calendar in 3. Choose your settings, click on Start Sync, and Bob’s your uncle.

Calendar Connector Evernote - výběr kalendáře

Once you confirm the connection, it’s all set. From this point on, every new reminder you create in Evernote will sync to your calendar.

Calendar Connector Evernote - dokončení

Naturally, it syncs both ways. If you alter the name of the event in your calendar, the change will show in the Evernote note as well – the same thing goes for changing the time and date.

Calendar Connector Evernote - připomínka v Evernote

Calendar Connector Evernote - připomínka v Google kalendáři

Evernote Calendar Connector is thus likely to become a splendid and indispensable tool for your work with Evernote, especially if you use it for managing tasks and deadlines. Let us know how you like it.

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