3 Ways To Semi-Automatically Create A New Note In Evernote

Even a beginner user knows how to create a basic note in Evernote. Then, there are people who have already played around with it a little bit and are able to manage photos, sound recordings or web clippings. You can go to a training session to learn the essentials, or opt for individual consultations and learn it in a couple of minutes even without having to so much as hear of Evernote before. Nevertheless, there are several ways to have new notes created semi-automatically – all you need to know is how to set it right and then just let it take care of itself. By no means is this a complete list of all options, so if you know about a way of creating a new note that isn’t mentioned here, it would be great if you shared your ideas with us in the discussion forum (I’ll add them to the article along with your name).

IFTTT – As Easy (And Automatic) As It Gets

We have already mentioned IFTTT several times. It’s a service that creates a connection between two products, or rather it can automatically create a note in Evernote based on a “trigger,” which is what sets the action in motion (in Evernote, for instance). It can be used to automatically generate templates for notes taken at a meeting, or to archive every article on LifeNotes.

Evernote a IFTTT

Email – Make The Most Of It

You probably know that you can send e-mails to Evernote. However, not everyone knows thoroughly the whole syntax you can use to automatically create a note by forwarding e-mails to a unique e-mail address that you’ll find in Account Info.

Evernote účet

So, what does that syntax you have to put into the subject of an email look like?

Title of note !2015/06/02 @.INBOX #2015 #e-mail

Email a Evernote

In other words, you have to keep the exact order of operations in the subject of the e-mail you want to send to your e-mail address.

  1. Text – the subject of the e-mail, which will be the title of the note
  2. ! – an optional way to insert a reminder with a specific date
  3. @ – an optional way to send it automatically into an existing notebook
  4. # – any number of existing tags

If you swap them, you’ll still create the note, but it’s not likely to be how you wanted it. It has to be pointed out that if you want to use the syntax to assign the note to a specific notebook and with specific tags, the notebook and the tags have to already exist for you to be able to use them.

An e-mail you want to send to Evernote can not only create a new note, but it can also be added to an already existing one. I wrote about it in my article How to Add an E-mail to an Already Existing Note over a year ago.

Automatic Import From Folders

The users of the Windows version of Evernote have an advantage compared to those with OS X (which, however, disappears once you follow the instructions that you can find here http://www.documentsnap.com/evernote-mac-import-folder/ – a tip sent to us by Juraj Stanovič) – a feature called Import Folders, and you’ll find it among Tools. What does it do? It allows you to choose folders from which files are imported into Evernote. How to go about it?

  1. Go to Tools > Import Folders.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Choose a folder you want to import files from.
  4. In the Subfolders column, you can choose whether you want to import files from subfolders as well.
  5. In the Notebook column, select a notebook into which the imported files will be placed.
  6. In the Source column, choose whether the files imported to Evernote should be kept in the original folder or automatically deleted.

Importovat složky do Evernote

So that’s that. The feature comes in handy, for instance, when you’re transferring your paper documents to Evernote, but your scanner doesn’t support automatic upload to it. Or, you can automatically import new files from your cloud storage service of choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, …). There are many ways to put it to use, all it takes is to give it a bit of thought or try experimenting.

The possibilities to (semi)automatically create notes are endless. And I certainly won’t be the only one to thank you if you share your tips with us.

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