11 Useful iOS Apps For Working With Evernote

This article was published on SuperApple.cz in the first half of 2015.

Learning the basics of Evernote is not exactly rocket science, is it? The features it provides are easily manageable and a couple of days is enough to learn all the ropes. As you’re getting used to it bit by bit and you keep discovering more and more of its potential, you get to the point where you’re delving into more features that would allow you to use this tool even better. Over the first years with Evernote, I managed without them. Nevertheless, I was overwhelmed by curiosity and began to explore what the market offered. Thanks to Evernote being loaded in favour of developers all over the world, you can pick and choose from a whole range of interesting apps. Honestly, though – not everyone feels like probing into all of them. That’s why I’ve decided to present you some of the best that can make your Evernote experience even more worthwhile.

Speeding Things Up

Evernote works rather quickly on new iPhones and iPads. However, owners of machines that are a bit older might find that the app is slow to respond – which can be felt, for instance, when creating a new note. Whether you own the latest iPhone 6 or an older iPad mini, I highly recommend using one of the following tools that will make creating a new note much easier and also quicker.

Evernote Widget – The Basic Tool For Everyone (And Also For Free)

IOS 8 gives us the opportunity to learn the power of widgets. Not everyone knows, however, that Evernote has one as well. There’s no need to install it as you get it automatically when installing the Evernote app. The widget, which you can easily activate and then access through the Notification Center, lets you create all kinds of new notes much quickly. You know how it is – you need to promptly make a digital copy of a document straight to Evernote, but you’re wasting time clicking through the app till you finally get to the scanning mode. Or, you can use the widget and be done with it in a matter of seconds.

iOS Evernote Widget

FastEver – For Text Notes ($1.99)

Back in the day when we could only dream about the Evernote Widget, applications allowing fast note taking were most appealing. A few of them, I must add, haven’t lost their appeal even after the iOS 8 release. A great example is FastEver – a simple addition to your Evernote that makes creating new text notes insanely fast. You will appreciate this especially when preparing a large number of notes, or when you’re in a hurry to write an idea down and send it off. This app does it faster than you can say “Evernote Widget.”

iOS Evernote FastEver

Drafts – Templates In iOS ($9.99)

Many of you are surely familiar with Drafts. It is an excellent app for creating and reusing templates. One of the many options it provides is to use it, as it happens, with Evernote. If you repeatedly create notes with a similar structure (for example, notes from conferences or phone calls, business trip records, …) in iOS, you should definitely consider Drafts. Working with your notes will become much more efficient.

iOS Evernote Drafts


It goes without saying that Evernote is one of the most essential tools that help me be more productive. There are other apps, however, which can take your personal productivity to a whole different level, either working on their own or with Evernote.

Sunrise Calendar – A Calendar For Every Occasion (For Free, Too)

There is a vast number of iOS apps you can use to set reminders for appointments, phone calls or tasks on your agenda, and Sunrise Calendar is without doubt one of the best. And why would I mention the app here? Because it allows you to see your Evernote reminders as events in the calendar. Thus, you can easily keep track of your upcoming appointments. And, Sunrise Calendar is also equipped with many other features that will make your job easier. Try it out, it’s definitely worth it.

iOS Evernote Sunrise Calendar

Penultimate – Sketches In Evernote (For Free)

Who wouldn’t know Penultimate – the brilliant Evernote app for collecting handwritten notes and sketches, right? Who seriously wouldn’t know the app that automatically syncs your digital notebooks full of sketches from meetings, conferences, lectures or brainstorming sessions straight to Evernote? What do you mean you don’t? What are you waiting for then? Grab your iPad and start installing, it’s fantastic!

iOS Evernote Penultimate

Swipes – Your Everyday Tasks (For Free)

Since the dawn of time, or at least of Evernote, people have been flirting with the idea of using its database for task management. Users have been bending the structure of tags and notebooks to their will in attempts to turn Evernote into an ideal GTD tool for collecting and organising tasks. Thus, new apps that worked with Evernote and individual notes came into existence. And so did Swipes last year. It immediately won the first place in the Evernote Devcup 2014, a competition for the best product that integrates with Evernote. There is no doubt the victory was well deserved as Swipes is indeed a simple, intuitive and practical task manager.  If you’re still not clear on what task manager app to go for, Swipes might be the very thing you’re looking for.

iOS Evernote Swipes


Scannable – New Arrival To The Evernote Team

At the conference of 2014, Evernote announced the arrival of a new app that would make collecting paper documents in digital form even easier. It wasn’t long before Scannable appeared in the App Store. It met with favourable response and quickly became one of the best mobile document scanning apps. I can say from personal experience that its reputation is well deserved. Scannable is a practical and quick tool for mobile scanning with a direct connection and automatic upload to Evernote. It produces clear and easily readable scans of great quality. Moreover, Scannable pairs with the Evernote ScanSnap scanner, which allows you to easily scan piles of paper documents directly into your iOS device.

iOS Evernote Scannable

Scanbot – Not Just A Mere OCR Tool (For Free/$4.99)

One of the most popular scanning apps is Scanbot. No wonder it became popular shortly after being released – it is one of the first apps to automatically snap a digital copy of a paper document right after focusing on it, and to recognise its edges. Another of its brilliant features is optical character recognition (OCR) which is available for paying users. Furthermore, there is bar code and QR code scanning, which is a pleasant bonus, and as a matter of course, automatic upload to Evernote.

iOS Evernote Scanbot

Scanner Pro – Scanning On A Professional Level ($2.99)

Scanner Pro, one of the most popular apps in the App Store over the years, completes our scanning triad. Its popularity is well justified by the number of its features, the quality of final pictures or their various setting options. The Readdle developers who are to thank for this app have done an excellent job. If you opt for Scanner Pro, you certainly won’t regret it.

iOS Evernote Scanner Pro


If you use your mobile device to browse websites, you are bound to come across a piece of information you’d like to have nicely stored in your Evernote. There are several specialised apps to help you out with this.

EverClip 2 – Efficient Helping Hand For Collecting Information ($9.99)

One of the best tools I have installed on my iPad mini is EverClip 2. Those of you who work with an iPad or an iPhone a lot should seriously consider getting it. So, what can it do? The basic features are focused primarily on copying text to Evernote, whether the text comes from a webpage or another app. It is perfect exactly for those moments when you want to copy only a certain piece of information from an online article and save it as a note. Or a certain part of conversation from a project management tool. You’re not likely to find an easier way to do it.

The app runs constantly in the background of your iPad, and monitors “the clipboard,” i.e. the clipped items you saved. You can then easily send it all straight to Evernote. And that’s not the only thing it can do. For instance, if you copy a link in your browser, EverClip 2 saves the whole page as a note. It fills in nicely for Web Clipper on your mobile device, which, as you already know, is for desktop interface.

iOS Evernote EverClip

Dolphin Web Browser – Save Websites To Evernote (For Free)

Surely, you are familiar with the two most common iOS browsers – Safari and Chrome. Dolphin Browser claims the third place, as it provides a lot of additional features to make work easier. And what does it have to do with Evernote? Well, it can save a webpage to that digital archive of ours, that’s what. Much like a desktop web browser, it allows you to “download” an article or a website of your choice to Evernote without having to exit the browser. That might be just one of the reasons to fall in love with Dolphin Browser – since it has many other exceptional features, too.

iOS Evernote Dolphin Browser

Adventure Of App Testing For Months To Come

These apps are just a fraction of what awaits you once you open the gates of the App Store. Evernote becomes larger as new products that are compatible with it emerge every day. Their integration becomes ever more worthwhile and I can’t wait to see more innovations that will make my job even more efficient.

What are your favourite iOS apps you use together with Evernote? Share your brains with us in the discussion forum below.

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